The Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers & Scientists (CAFMS) is one of 15 knowledge exchange networks supported by the Joint Fire Science Program. Our goal is to promote communication among fire managers and scientists in the Appalachian Mountains region. CAFMS is largely successful because of a strong relationship between the U.S. Forest Service Southern Research Stations and The Nature Conservancy's Fire Learning Network. 

Controlled burns are new tools in our region, and a great need exists for science delivery on their benefits, drawbacks, and use. CAFMS promotes communication through workshops, web-based seminars, summaries of research publications, social media, and face-to-face meetings with CAFMS members. CAFMS members include fire managers along with government and university scientists throughout the Appalachian region; from Pennsylvania to Alabama.


CAFMS is one of 15 regional fire science exchange networks sponsored by the Joint Fire Science Program.  Click on the map below for more information on the other exchange networks.