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Fire History in the Appalachians and Central Appalachian Fire Learning Network Meeting

  • Mountain Lake Lodge Pembroke, VA USA (map)

The Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers along with The Nature Conservancy invites you to join us for a workshop on fire history in the Appalachians and the Central Appalachian Fire Learning Network Meeting. 

Where: Mountain Lake Lodge, Pembroke, Virginia


Power Point Presentations from the meeting:

Past Fire and Present-day Mesophication- Implications for Oak Ecosystem Restoration   - Greg Nowacki

Witness Trees as Pyro-Indicators - Melissa Thomas VanGundy

Demystifying the Techniques Used in Tree-Ring Analysis for Reconstructing Fire Regimes in the Appalachians   - Henri Grissino-Meyer

Appalachian Fire Regimes Reconstructed from Fire Scarred Trees: Temporal and Spatial Patterns of Burning in the Past - Charles Lafon

Using Fire Scar Chronologies as Anchor Points for Fine-Scale Mapping of Historical Fire Regimes - Cecil Frost

A 480-year Fire History of Pine Creek Gorge   - Pat Brose