Community Meeting: Forest Restoration on the Sumter National Forest

On September 10, 2019 we held a community meeting to bring together community members, local representatives, researchers, and natural resource managers from the USDA Forest Service, Clemson University, The Nature Conservancy and other organizations. There were science-based presentations about the future of land management and forest rehabilitation on the Sumter National Forest.

Presentations from the 2019 Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

WEBINAR: Fire Adapted Communities Neighborhood Ambassador Approach - Is it right for the Appalachians?

Firewise of Southwest Colorado has established a Neighborhood Ambassador program to help local communities adapt to living with wildfire. Neighborhood Ambassadors lead their own communities in efforts to become more aware of and safer from wildfire. This webinar is an introduction to that program and a discussion about the possibility of establishing a similar program in the Appalachian Mountains.

The Fire Learning Trail - Lessons Learned and Future Expansions

CAFMS Public Info Coordinator, Jen Bunty, discusses a collaborative outreach project between The Nature Conservancy, the USDA Forest Service, and the Consortium of Appalachian Fire Managers & Scientists. The presentation includes specific information about how they designed educational signs, produced a podcast, and launched a social media campaign about the role of fire in western North Carolina. She includes specifics about pricing, time requirements and plans for more Fire Learning Trails in the future. 

WEBINAR: Mobile Mapping- An Introduction to Avenza Maps

Avenza Maps is becoming popular on firelines because it has made mobile GIS technology easy to access across devices. It allows for quick transfer of information with downloadable maps, easy search functions and GPS tracking abilities.

Jason Hattersley is the Timber Sale Administrator for the George Washington and Jefferson National Forest. He has extensive experience as a wildland firefighter and using the Avenza system on the ground. The 30 minute presentation includes an overview of how you can use the Avenza Map System as a tool in the field for wildfires or controlled burns and Jason's suggestions based on his experience followed by Q&A. 

WEBINAR: Finding the Best Science Available on Fire Ecology and Fire Regimes of Northeastern, Great Lakes, and Appalachian Ecosystems

WEBINAR: Finding the Best Science Available on Fire Ecology and Fire Regimes of Northeastern, Great Lakes, and Appalachian Ecosystems

Managers and planners need scientifically sound information on historical fire regimes and contemporary changes in fuels and fire regimes to make informed management decisions. To address this need, two new fire regime publications Fire Regime Reports and Fire Regime Syntheses are now available and spatially searchable. 

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