In January 2011, the Consortium distributed a questionnaire to managers and scientists to determine the priority research needs for fire in the Appalachian Region. The seven-member board studied the responses and developed three research questions that were submitted to the Joint Fire Science Program for potential funding. It was a great opportunity to provide this input to the JFSP Governing Board and we received positive feedback from them. This type of communication is a major function of CAFMS. It provides a direct link from managers on the ground to administrators who make decisions about budgets and how research dollars are allocated.  The JFSP requested input on our research needs again in 2015.  We are working with them to develop their annual announcement for proposals.


Our conference in October 2013 was successful for bringing managers and scientists together for discussions of how to work together.  Despite the closure of the federal government during the conference, attendance was good and a proceedings was published soon afterward. 


This regional Fire Exchange is sponsored by Joint Fire Science Program ( This organization funds scientific research on wildland fires and distributes results to help policymakers, fire managers and practitioners make sound decisions.  Fire Exchanges like this one are staffed by local experts that help you get connected with other managers, practitioners and scientists working in your area. They not only provide the best fire information for your area, they demonstrate new knowledge in the field and much more.