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Amphibians & Reptiles

Graph showing two lines corresponding to changes in density of salamanders over 3 sampling periods. The top line slightly decreases and shows data from a burned site. The bottom line slightly increases and shows data from a control, or unburned, site.

Habitat-dependent responses of terrestrial salamanders to wildfire in the short-term

Gade et al., 2019

Influence of prescribed fire and forest structure on woodland salamander abundance in the central Appalachians, USA

Jacobsen et al., 2020

Image from scientific publication with lines showing frog migration laid over a black and white map.

Long distance Migrations, Landscape Use, and Vulnerability to Prescribed Fire of the Gopher Frog (Lithobates capito)

Humphries & Sisson, 2012

Image from scientific publication, three photos of frogs with description below.

Potential Positive Effects of Fire on Juvenile Amphibians in a Southern USA Pine Forest

Brown et al., 2011

Cover of the conference proceedings featuring title, photo of a controlled burn around a single pine tree, and USDA Forest Service Technical Report information.

Proceedings of the 4th Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

Dey et al., 2011

Figure 3 from the publication. A bar graph showing mean lizard species richness vs time for different plot treatments

Reptile and amphibian response to oak regeneration treatments in productive southern Appalachian hardwood forest

Greenberg et al., 2016

Map call-out from western North Carolina showing an array of sites that were either controls or treated with growing-season or dormant-season burns.

Reptile and amphibian response to season of burn in an upland hardwood forest

Greenberg et al., 2018

Response of Reptiles and Amphibians to Repeated Fuel Reduction Treatments

Matthews et al., 2010

First page of publication includes title, abstract, and part of the introduction.

Short-term response of reptiles and amphibians to prescribed fire and mechanical fuel reduction in a southern Appalachian upland hardwood forest

Greenberg & Waldrop, 2008

Cover of General Technical Report, "Proceedings of the 12th Biennial Souther Silvicultural Research Conference". Green background with white font.

The Effects of Prescribed Burning and Thinning as Fuel Reduction Treatments on Herpetofauna in the Upper Piedmont of South Carolina

Kilpatrick et al., 2004

First page of publication includes title, abstract, and part of the introduction.

Woodland salamander responses to a shelterwood harvest-prescribed burn silvicultural treatment within Appalachian mixed-oak forests

Mahoney et al., 2016

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