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Our Team

We are here to help you connect with fire managers, practitioners, and scientists working in your area. We have access to the best fire science, information, and tools. We're ready to demonstrate new knowledge in the field, and much more!  CAFMS is organized by a small team, but our organization includes all of our members - fire managers, researchers, and anyone interested in fire like you!

Todd Headshot.jpg

Todd Hutchinson
Principal Investigator

Todd grew up in Detroit, MI and Louisville, KY. He earned a bachelor's in biology from the University of Louisville. After completing a master's in plant ecology at the University of Miami, OH, Todd joined the USDA Forest Service Northeastern Forest Service Experiment Station, in 1994, to contribute to a research project on the reintroduction of presecribed fire in oak forests in Appalachian Ohio. In 2004, he earned a Ph.D. in ecology from the Ohio State University. Currently, Todd is a Research Ecologist with the USDA Forest Service Northern Research Station, and is located in Delaware, OH. Todd has conducted research on the effects of controlled burns on stand dynamics, tree regeneration, and understory plant communities in mixed-oak forests. He joined the CAFMS team as PI in 2016. 

Helen Headshot.jpg

Helen Mohr

Helen grew up in Seneca, SC and attended Clemson University for her bachelor's and master's degrees in Forest Resource Management. After graduation, she started working with the Forest Service Southern Research Station as a Forester. She worked alongside Tom Waldrop for most of her career and helped to build the Consortium to what it is today. She has assisted and led many studies associated with prescribed fire and wildfire in the southern Appalachian Mountains. Helen became the director of CAFMS in 2009



CAFMS Users' Board

Our Users' Board consists of CAFMS members that advise our activities and help us connect with members throughout the region. Click on their pictures below to get more information about each board member.

CAFMS Users' Board
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