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Research Briefs

Look here for plain language summaries of Appalachian Fire Science.

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Direct and indirect effects of fire
on germination of shortleaf pine seeds

Hope Fillingim, Benjamin Knapp, John Kabrick, Michael Stambaugh, Grant Elliott, and Dan Dey

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Burning for Oak Regeneration:
A Fire-free Period after Repeated Burns Promotes the Development of Oak Saplings, but Red Maple Competition Persists

Beth Blankenship, Zachary Poynter, and Mary Arthur

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Spiders’ Response to Fire and Fire Surrogate Treatments in the Southern Appalachians

Campbell, J.W., Grodsky, S.M., Milne, M.A., Vigueira, P., Vigueira, C.C., Stern, E. and Greenberg, C.H.

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Early Growing-Season Prescribed Fires Shown to Burn More Completely and at Greater Intensity than Dormant Season-Burns

Matthew Vaughan, Donald Hagan, William Bridges, Matthew Dickinson, and Adam Coates

Pennsylvania Private Forest Landowners

Desire to Use Prescribed Fire

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Arun Regmi, Melissa Kreye, and Jesse Kreye

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Soil Seed Banks and the Restoration Potential of Fire-adapted Species in the Allegheny Plateau, West Virginia

Cynthia Huebner, Melissa Thomas-Van Gundy, and Chris Underwood


Predicting the Future of Wildfire in the Southern Appalachian Region

Robbins, Z.J., Loudermilk, E.L., Mozelewski, T.G. Jones, K., Scheller, R.M.

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Causes and Outcomes of the 2016 Wildfires in the Southern Appalachians

Reilly, M.J., Norman, S.P., O'Brien, J.J., Loudermilk, E.L.

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Prescribed Fire as a Tool to Reduce Tick Populations

Michael R. Gallagher, Jesse K. Kreye, Erika T. Machtinger, Alexis Everland, Nathaniel Schmidt, Nicholas S. Skowronski


High Severity Wildfire Impacts Water Yield and Water Quality in Southern Appalachian Watersheds.

Peter Caldwell, Katherine Elliott, Ning Liu, James Vose, David Zietlow, and Jennifer Knoepp

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Featured Publication: The Fire Manager’s Guide to Blue Ridge Ecozones

Adam Warwick

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On Long-unburned Sites, Oak-hickory Dominance Can Lead to Greater Delayed Canopy Dieback After Wildfire Due to Greater Duff Consumption and Fine Root Damage

Dana O. Carpenter, Melanie K. TaylorMac A. Callaham, J. Kevin Hiers, E. Louise LoudermilkJoseph J. O’Brien, Nina Wurzburger

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New Tree-Ring Fire Histories from the Appalachians

Howard, L. F., et al.

Saladyga, T., et al.

Lafon, C. et al. 

- A multi-century fire history from the Potomac Highlands of West Virginia

Hard Pine Regeneration and Historic Fire in the Central Appalachians, PA

Michael Stambaugh, Joseph Marschall, et al.

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