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Comparison of seven forest types for game in West Virginia

Gill et al., 1975

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Two tables showing tree species, % of roost trees, and number of roost trees. Top table shows info for red bats. Bottom table shows info for pipistrelles.

Eastern Red Bat (Lasiurus borealis) and Easter Pipistrelle (Pipistrellus subflavus) maternal roost selection: Implications for forest management

Leput, 2004

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First page of publication includes title, abstract, and part of the introduction.

Effects of fire and its severity on occupancy of bats in mixed pine-oak forests

Burns et al., 2019

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Figure from publication of contrasting images of a forest with low flames from controlled burn and after the burn.

Fire effects on wildlife in the central hardwoods and Appalachian Regions, USA

Harper et al., 2016

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Influence of forest disturbance on bobcat resource selection in the central Appalachians

McNitt et al., 2020

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Cover of the conference proceedings featuring title, photo of a controlled burn around a single pine tree, and USDA Forest Service Technical Report information.

Proceedings of the 4th Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

Dey et al., 2011

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Reviewing fire, climate, deer, and foundation species as drivers of historically open oak and pine forests and transition to closed forests

Hanberry et al., 2020

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The effects of oak (Quercus) restoration on forest trajectory and small mammal use in the southern Cumberland Plateau, USA

Smith et al., 2020

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