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Fire History

After the Fire: Potential Impacts of Fire Exclusion Policies on Historical Cherokee Culture in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, USA

Colenbaugh et al., 2023

Changes in canopy cover and forest structure following dormant season and early growing season prescribed burns in the Southern Appalachians, USA

Melcher et al., 2023

Comparison of seed bank composition over a gradient of pyrophilic vegetation

Huebner et al., 2023

Environmental drivers and species traits of mesophication and xerophication in forests of western New York State

Larsen et al., 2023

Ericaceous shrub expansion and its relation to fire history in temperate pine-oak (Pinus-Quercus) forests of the eastern USA

Lafon et al., 2022 (a)

Image showing the first page of this article including title, abstract, and part of the introduction.

Fifty-five years of change in a northwest Georgia old-growth forest

Butler et al., 2018

Fire History Reflects Human History in the Pine Creek Gorge of North-Central Pennsylvania

Brose et al., 2015

Fire History of the Appalachian Region: A Review and Synthesis

Lafon et al., 2017

Fire history and its relations with land use and climate over three centuries in the central Appalachian Mountains, USA

Aldrich et al., 2014

Fire history and vegetation data reveal ecological benefits of recent mixed-severity fires in the Cumberland Mountains, West Virginia, USA

Saladyga et al., 2022

Fire in the southern Appalachians: Understanding impacts, interventions, and future fire events

James et al., 2020

Fire regimes of the Southern Appalachians may radically shift under climate change

Robbins et al., 2024

Forest disturbance history from 'legacy' Pitch Pine (Pinus rigida) at the New River Gorge, West Virginia

Saladyga, 2017 (a)

Historical Fire Regimes and Stand Dynamics of Xerophytic Pine–Oak Stands in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, Virginia, USA

Lafon et al., 2022 (b)

Historical drivers and contemporary perceptions of wildfire in a post-industrial rural landscape

Saladyga & Standlee, 2018

Locating potential historical fire‐maintained grasslands of the eastern United States based on topography and wind speed

Hanberry & Noss, 2022

Native American geography shaped historical fire frequency in forests of eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, USA

Tulowiecki et al., 2023

Native American influences on the forest composition of the Allegheny Plateau, northwest Pennsylvania

Black et al., 2006

Oak forests and woodlands as Indigenous landscapes in the Eastern United States

Abrams et al., 2022

Pre-Columbian red pine (Pinus resinosa Ait) fire regimes of north-central Pennsylvania, USA

Marschall et al., 2022

Cover of the conference proceedings featuring title, photo of a controlled burn around a single pine tree, and USDA Forest Service Technical Report information.

Proceedings of the 4th Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

Dey et al., 2011

Recalling open old growth forests in the southeastern mixed forest province in the United States

Hanberry et al., 2019

Reconstructing a cultural fire regime in the Pennsylvania anthracite region

Saladyga, 2017 (b)

Revealing historical fire regimes of the Cumberland Plateau, USA, through remnant fire-scarred shortleaf pines (Pinus echinata Mill.)

Stambaugh et al., 2020

Successional Change and Fire History in Montane Longleaf Pine-Dominated Ecosystems of Northwestern Georgia, USA

Waters et al., 2023

Three centuries of fire in montane pine-oak stands on a temperate forest landscape

Aldrich et al., 2010

two figures showing the change in fires per decade over time for 13 sties across central Pennsylvania between 1620 and 2016. Both show an increase until about 1800 when Euro-American settlement increased and fires began to decrease.

Wave of fire: An anthropogenic signal in historical fire regimes across central Pennsylvania, USA

Stambaugh et al., 2018

Figure 1 from research publication showing side by side photos of dead remnant shortleaf pine tree on the left and an oak with a partially healed injury on the right.

Working toward a fire-scar network for the Cumberland Plateau—Fire history results from Bridgestone Nature Reserve at Chestnut Mountain, Tennessee

Abadir et al., 2022

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