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Fire History

Development of prescribed fire as a silvicultural tool for the upland oak forests of the eastern United States

Brose, 2014

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Image showing the first page of this article including title, abstract, and part of the introduction.

Fifty-five years of change in a northwest Georgia old-growth forest

Butler et al., 2018

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Fire in the southern Appalachians: Understanding impacts, interventions, and future fire events

James et al., 2020

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Cover of the conference proceedings featuring title, photo of a controlled burn around a single pine tree, and USDA Forest Service Technical Report information.

Proceedings of the 4th Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

Dey et al., 2011

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Revealing historical fire regimes of the Cumberland Plateau, USA, through remnant fire-scarred shortleaf pines (Pinus echinata Mill.)

Stambaugh et al., 2020

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two figures showing the change in fires per decade over time for 13 sties across central Pennsylvania between 1620 and 2016. Both show an increase until about 1800 when Euro-American settlement increased and fires began to decrease.

Wave of fire: An anthropogenic signal in historical fire regimes across central Pennsylvania, USA

Stambaugh et al., 2018

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