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Alterations to the fuel bed after single and repeated prescribed fires in an Appalachian hardwood forest

Arthur et al., 2017

Could canopy, bark, and leaf litter traits of encroaching non-oak species influence future flammability of upland oak forests?

Babl et al., 2019

Photo of a wildland firefighter carrying a driptorch and carefully lighting grass on fire. Firefighter is wearing green pants, yellow Nomex shirt, and a hard hat and gloves

Joint vision and key messages on relative benefits of prescribed fire to wildfire

Wildland Fire Leadership Council

Mastication Fuels Did Not Alter Fire Severity or Stand Structure in an Upland Oak Woodland

Arthur et al., 2022

Mesophication of upland oak forests: Implications of species-specific differences in leaf litter decomposition rates and fuelbed composition

Babl-Plauche et al., 2022

Proceedings of the 3rd Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

Hutchinson, 2009

Restoration of low-intensity fire in Quercus-Pinus
mixedwoods following a prolonged period of fire

Goode et al., 2023

The development of a southern Appalachian Mountain fuels photo series

Coates et al., 2020

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