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Top Papers from 2023

Mastication Fuels Did Not Alter Fire Severity or Stand Structure in an Upland Oak Woodland

Arthur et al., 2022

Prescribed fire and thinning influence snag density and size in the southern Appalachian Mountains

Baldwin et al., 2023

Fire exclusion vs. a fire-free interval following repeated prescribed fire: Consequences for forest stand structure and species composition in an upland oak forest

Blankenship et al., 2023

After the Fire: Potential Impacts of Fire Exclusion Policies on Historical Cherokee Culture in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, USA

Colenbaugh et al., 2023

Profiling overstory survival trends following varying thinning and burning disturbance regimes in a mixed pine-hardwood forest in the US South

Craycroft et al., 2023

Evaluating the impact of prescribed surface fire on seedlings in the Central Hardwood Region, USA

Cuprewich et al., 2023

Changes in Avian Diversity Post-Wildfire in a Southeastern Deciduous Forest: Flipper Bend Woods, Signal Mountain,Tennessee

Feely et al., 2023

Direct and indirect effects of fire on germination of shortleaf pine seeds

Fillingim et al., 2023

Restoration of low-intensity fire in Quercus-Pinus
mixedwoods following a prolonged period of fire

Goode et al., 2023

Breeding bird abundance and species diversity greatest in high-severity
wildfire patches in central hardwood forests

Greenberg et al., 2023

Contrasting effects of urbanization and fire on understory plant communities in the natural and wildland–urban interface

Hubert et al., 2023

Comparison of seed bank composition over a gradient of pyrophilic vegetation

Huebner et al., 2023

Multivariate roles of litter traits on moisture and flammability of temperate northeastern North American tree species

Kreye et al., 2023

Environmental drivers and species traits of mesophication and xerophication in forests of western New York State

Larsen et al., 2023

Changes in canopy cover and forest structure following dormant season and early growing season prescribed burns in the Southern Appalachians, USA

Melcher et al., 2023

Forest landowner demand for prescribed fire as an ecological management tool in Pennsylvania, USA

Regmi et al., 2022

Prescribed Fire Causes Wounding and Minor Tree Quality Degradation in Oak Forests

Saunders et al., 2023

Changes in bark properties and hydrology following prescribed fire in Pinus taeda and Quercus montana

Siegert et al., 2022

Native American geography shaped historical fire frequency in forests of eighteenth-century Pennsylvania, USA

Tulowiecki et al., 2023

Successional Change and Fire History in Montane Longleaf Pine-Dominated Ecosystems of Northwestern Georgia, USA

Waters et al., 2023

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