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A common species at the edge of its range: Conservation of Bear Oak (Quercus ilicifolia) and its low elevation rocky summit community in North Carolina (USA)

Barden, 2000 (a)

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A meta-analysis of the fire-oak hypothesis: Does prescribed burning promote oak reproduction in eastern North America?

Brose et al., 2013

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Alterations to the fuel bed after single and repeated prescribed fires in an Appalachian hardwood forest

Arthur et al., 2017

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Exposure to fire affects acorn removal by altering consumer preference

Boggess et al., 2022

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Image showing the first page of this article including title, abstract, and part of the introduction.

Fifty-five years of change in a northwest Georgia old-growth forest

Butler et al., 2018

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An oak leaf with a yellow, red, and orange flame coming out of it, the year 2005, and Fire in Eastern Oak Forests logo.

Fire in Eastern Oak Forests: Delivering Science to Land Managers

Dickinson, 2006

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Fire in eastern oak forests—a primer. NRS-INF-39-22. Madison, WI

Stambaugh et al., 2022

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Impacts of oak-focused silvicultural treatments on the regeneration layer nine years posttreatment in a productive mixed-oak southern Appalachian forest

Beasley et al., 2022

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Mesophication of upland oak forests: Implications of species-specific differences in leaf litter decomposition rates and fuelbed composition

Babl-Plauche et al., 2022

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Prescribed fire and natural canopy gap disturbances: impacts on upland oak regeneration

Izbicki et al., 2020

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Proceedings of the 3rd Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

Hutchinson, 2009

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Cover of the conference proceedings featuring title, photo of a controlled burn around a single pine tree, and USDA Forest Service Technical Report information.

Proceedings of the 4th Fire in Eastern Oak Forests Conference

Dey et al., 2011

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