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Climate & Weather

Climate change may increase the drought stress of mesophytic trees downslope with ongoing forest mesophication under a history of fire suppression

Hwang et al., 2020

Climate change projected to reduce prescribed burning
opportunities in the south-eastern United States

Kupfer et al., 2020

Climatic and topographic controls on patterns of fire
in the southern and central Appalachian Mountains, USA

Flatley et al., 2011

Fire history and its relations with land use and climate over three centuries in the central Appalachian Mountains, USA

Aldrich et al., 2014

Fire history, related to climate and land use in three southern Appalachian landscapes in the eastern United States

Flatley et al., 2013

Fire regimes of the Southern Appalachians may radically shift under climate change

Robbins et al., 2024

Oak, Fire, and Global Change in the eastern USA: What might the future hold?

Vose & Elliott, 2016

Predicting Fire Frequency
with Chemistry and Climate

Guyette et al., 2012

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