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Controlled Burns

2018 Prescribed fire use survey report

Coalition of Prescribed Fire Councils

A common species at the edge of its range: Conservation of Bear Oak (Quercus ilicifolia) and its low elevation rocky summit community in North Carolina (USA)

Barden, 2000 (a)

A meta-analysis of the fire-oak hypothesis: Does prescribed burning promote oak reproduction in eastern North America?

Brose et al., 2013

After the Fire: Potential Impacts of Fire Exclusion Policies on Historical Cherokee Culture in the Southern Appalachian Mountains, USA

Colenbaugh et al., 2023

Alteration to woodland structure through midstory mastication increased fuel loading and cover of understory species in two upland hardwood stands

Black et al., 2019

Alterations to the fuel bed after single and repeated prescribed fires in an Appalachian hardwood forest

Arthur et al., 2017

Asian needle ant (Brachyponera chinensis) and woodland ant responses to repeated applications of fuel reduction methods

Campbell et al., 2019

Assessing the relationship between litter & duff consumption and post-fire soil temperature regimes

Smith & Hagan, 2020

First page of publication includes title, abstract, and part of the introduction.

Bat activity in relation to fire and fire surrogate treatments in southern pine stands

Loeb & Waldrop, 2008

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